70% of the items we sell are assembled to order. We have the fastest cycle time in the world for connector and power supply assembly. We use highly flexible proprietary automation to reliably assemble your customized item.

Our average cycle time to assemble, test and ship is 1.3 working days. Virtually every order we process is assembled and shipped within 2 working days. Many items are also shipped the same working day.

Please be aware that PEI-Genesis is a global company and we display our global connector inventory from our South Bend USA, and Southampton UK facilities on MyPEI.  Some items are only assembled in one of these facilities due to current inventory position, market demand, specific military assembly certifications, government regulatory requirements, or ITAR restrictions. We use the fastest possible means to move products between these two facilities daily, and we do not pass on the costs of these inter-company shipments to our customers. If any of your products need to be shipped across the ocean, this will result in items being assembled and shipped to you in 4 workings days or less (in contrast to our normal 1-2 days). In rare cases, US or UK Customs will delay a shipment.

Items that indicate a 4 day build-ship time are being assembled and shipped from a PEI-Genesis facility outside your normal coverage area.  For example, a customer in Turkey that sees a 4 day build-ship time on MyPEI is going to receive product built in our South Bend USA facility. That same customer will see a 24 or 48 hour build-ship time for products being manufactured in our UK facility.

Order status information is always available on MyPEI. Once you are logged in, you will see a MY ACCOUNT menu option at the top of the screen. Click MY ACCOUNT, then choose “View My Orders” to check the real-time status of your order and to track your shipments.

View My Orders Feature


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