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Amphenol - 5015 Connector



The Amphenol 97 series is a durable, cost-effective MIL-DTL-5015 available in a variety of shell styles, sizes, contacts, and layouts. Contacts are silver-plated with pre-tinned solder cups. These circular connectors are excellent for industrial applications including robotics, machine tools and welding. For full product information on Amphenol 97 Series and MIL-DTL-5015 connectors, please see the specifications below.

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1 - 24$18.51$18.51
25 - 49$12.67$12.67
Connector Type:Circular
Connector Style:Plug
Mounting Type:Cable
Contacts, # of:3
Contact Style:Socket
Termination Method:Solder
Insert Arrangement:10SL-3
Contact Size:3#16S
Contacts Supplied:Yes
Contact Material:Brass or Copper Alloy
Contact Plating:Silver
Shell Material:Aluminum Alloy
Shell Plating:Olive Drab Chromate over Cadmium
Shell Color:Olive Drab
Insert Material:Diallyl Phthalate
Amperage Rating:13A
Operating Voltage AC V RMS Max:500
Operating Temperature °F (°C):+257 (+125) for 60 hours, +185 (+85) for 1000 hours
Contact Mating Life:100
Insert Rotation/Keying:Normal
Operating Voltage DC:700
Service Rating:A
Endbell Type:Threaded - UNEF - Ext
RoHS: No
Weight (lbs): 0.03704
Weight (g): 16.80000

Amphenol Connectors

PEI-Genesis is a QPL/DoD Approved Franchised Assembler of Amphenol 5015 Connectors with the fastest assembly time in the world - 48 hours or less - built to order in our U.S. factory. and/or our U.K. assembly facility.

Part Number: MS3106A10SL-3S (MS3106A10SL3S)

PEI is the largest Amphenol connector distributor in the world - the winner of Amphenol's worldwide Global Partnership Award every year since 2008. PEI has more value added connector franchises than any other distributor giving you access to the broadest range of Amphenol products anywhere. We also provide the world’s fastest connector assembly time – under 48 hours. If you need help with Amphenol 5015 Connectors, contact your local PEI sales office. Get in-depth technical assistance for Amphenol MS3106A10SL-3S by contacting our Technical Support Team.

Besides Amphenol MS3106A10SL-3S, Amphenol offers a broad range of connectors to solve virtually any interconnect problem and PEI-Genesis has more Amphenol value added assembly franchises than any other distributor anywhere. We assemble MIL-DTL-38999 connectors (MIL-C-38999), MIL-DTL-5015 connectors (MIL-C-5015),MIL-DTL-26482 connectors (MIL-C-26482), MIL-C-39029 contacts, Quadrax Contacts, and virtually every Amphenol connector. Take advantage of our inventory and our expertise. Contact PEI-Genesis for all of your Amphenol needs. Try us, we want to delight you.

Amphenol 5015 Connector MS-A/B & 97 Series - Overview

Amphenol 5015 Connectors are low cost, UL/CSA certified, non-environmental circular connectors with solder contacts formerly MIL-C-5015.

IMPORTANT: We build all MS A & B part numbers to the original MS-A military specification with a hard blue insulator. if you prefer the dark gray resilient insulator, search for the same connector with -RES on the end of the connector part number. For example MS3102A10SL-3P-RES calls out the newer gray insulator.  MS3102A10SL-3P is the original hard blue insulator. All Amphenol 97- series part numbers use the original hard blue insulator.  Amphenol part number prefixes include 97-3100A, 97-3102A, 97-3106A, and 97-3108A.  Military prefixes include MS3100A, MS3101A, MS3102A, MS3106A, MS3108A. Get all the specifications for Amphenol 5015 Connectors.