Amphenol 348 Series M81511 Connector

Amphenol M81511 Connector


This Amphenol 348 Series M81511 connector provides reliability & high contact density. 348 Series is a commercial equivalent to MIL-C-81511, not qualified to MIL-C-81511, they accommodate a minimum of three circuits to a maximum of one hundred and fifty five circuits. The Amphenol 348 Series M81511 connector is available in two basic constructions: Long (Series I) & Standard (Series II). The Series I M81511 connector features 100% scoop-proof construction (potential contact damage minimized by recessed pins). The Series II M81511 connector are scoop-proof when pin contacts are specified in the receptacle shell only. Mil Spec connector part numbers begin M81511/. Amphenol Proprietary part numbers begin 348-.