Circular Non-Environmental Connector Backshell

Reliable Strain Relief For Non-Environmental Applications

PEI-Genesis now carries circular non-environmental backshells, a cost-effective way to provide industry-standard cable support and strain relief, enhancing a connector’s performance and longevity.

Non-Environmental Backshells are an effective cable-holding mechanism with good strain relief in military, industrial and commercial applications when the environmental protection of the cable termination area is not a concern, with Amphenol M85049 Circular Backshells providing 6 feet of water protection when used with perfectly jacketed cables.

This type of circular backshell is suitable for an inside the box/climate controlled room application where heavy cabling should be supported with adequate strain relief.

PEI carries non-environmental backshells from brands like Amphenol and Sunbank by Eaton in both military (M85049) and commercial connector call outs.

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