ATEX Explosion Proof Connectors

PEI-Genesis offers a range of ATEX explosion proof connectors and cable assembly solutions for use in hazardous environments. As an authorized assembling distributor of Amphenol connectors, PEI value-adds both the Amphe-EXTM and Star-Line EX® series. The Amphe-EXTM and Star-Line EX® connector series are ATEX and IECex-approved for Zone 1-rated (Europe) (IECex 60079), making them ideal for use in hazardous and potentially explosive environments, such as those associated with oil and gas exploration, petrochemical plants and fuel storage sites.

PEI-Genesis now offers the uniquely designed Falcon Series, ATEX explosion proof, multi-pin Ex d, connectors from Trolex. The smart design of the Falcon Series allows for disconnect with live power during an equipment change-out or maintenance.

Application specific ATEX explosion proof cable assembly designs are also available by way of our Engineered Solutions Group. Our engineering team has extensive experience in EX hazardous zone design. PEI-Genesis is FPAL-registered and Baseefa-competent. Our engineering design specialists are available to assist you with your ATEX explosion proof design challenge. Contact our Technical Support team or your local sales office.

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