Microminiature Connectors

Microminiature connectors give you the same high performance as their larger circular counterparts, but are much smaller in physical size, offering significant savings in both weight and space requirements while also allowing for high-density signals and durability. Demand for the microminiature connector continues to grow as application designs in aerospace, high-tech military, and specialty industrial require smaller, high performing, harsh environment connectors.

Microminiature connectors are perfect for any application where space is limited, such as in soldier-worn or body-worn equipment, or where high-density connectors are needed, such as in UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) mobile devices, hand-held units, automotive, and medical device applications. Microminiature connectors are also excellent choices for satellites or communications and surveillance equipment.

PEI-Genesis Assembles Custom Microminiature Connectors

Whether your application requires a standard off-the-shelf part or a customized micro connector for specific applications, we are here to help. Using proprietary automation, we can assemble your micro-connector to meet any standard or unique specifications and ship it, within 48 hours. We don’t require a minimum order quantity, so you can get exactly what you need quickly, even if it’s just one piece.

The Connector Brands You Want

PEI-Genesis is an authorized distributor for the top manufacturers in the connector industry. We partner with them to give you access to the brands you trust, delivered with our flexibility and speed. Our portfolio of micro miniature connectors includes options from leading manufacturers Amphenol and ITT Cannon.

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For detailed technical information, please click on any of the product series above or take a look at our Connector Selection Guide, which will help you specify the Micro-Miniature circular connector your application requires. Want to speak with an expert? You can contact our sales support or design engineering team, who will be happy to answer your questions.

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