D-Subminiature Connectors

PEI-Genesis assembles D-Sub connectors (also called D-Subminiature) in world-class automated facilities and is certified to build D-Sub connectors for Positronic, ITT Cannon, Cinch Connectivity Solutions, and Amphenol. These rugged rectangular D-Sub connectors are designed for commercial, industrial and military/defense fields in addition to high performance computer, aerospace, and other complex applications.

PEI assembles to order the entire D-Sub range from basic commercial and military types (such as MIL-DTL-24308) to Combo-D connector constructions, as well as a broad range of Micro-D connectors, filter D-sub connectors, and even models qualified by NASA/GFSC. Many contact layouts are available in styles such as straight and right angle mounts, solder cups, crimp, and high density variants.

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