Environmental Circular Backshell

Reliable Strain Relief And Protection From Harsh Environments

PEI-Genesis carries the highest standard in backshell accessories such as circular environmental backshells. These accessories are designed to provide both cable support and strain relief that is suitable for harsh environments, enhancing performance while extending the overall life of the connection. High-quality sealing grommets and grommet followers provide a protective barrier against water, sand, wind, shock, and other environmental hazards when paired with impervious jacketed cables and strain relief nuts. These rugged environmental circular backshells are appropriate in applications where electromagnetic and radio frequencies do not need to be isolated. If your application requires protection from such interference, please look at our selection of EMI/RFI backshells.

PEI-Genesis carries a range of military and commercial connector backshells by brands such as Amphenol, and SUNBANK. Contact us today to discuss which backshell is right for your application. You can also submit a technical request to our Design Engineers who can answer your questions.