Circular Connector Clamps / Strain Reliefs

Proper strain reliefs are essential in prolonging the life of a connector assembly by providing stability. Strain relief clamps not only tidy-up the cable after termination but provide good strain relief at the termination area.

PEI-Genesis stocks circular strain reliefs from leading brands such as Amphenol and Sunbank by Eaton. Appropriate in many commercial and military applications, these strain reliefs help organize and prevent cables from bending and wearing down at the termination.

Available in straight and angular versions, these strain relief accessories are ideal for applications where environmental protection is not a concern, and weight saving is a major consideration.

Unsure if strain reliefs are necessary for your operation? Submit a technical request and we will guide you through the design process.

Features and Benefits

  • Product Envelope Environmental - Self-seating mechanism provides a robust and simple connector interface
  • Global Plating Compliance - The Self-seating products are available in a wide range of surface finishes to protect against harsh environment
  • Ease of Installation - The self-seating product is a highly reliable and worry free product
  • Mechanical Decoupling - Superior mechanical performance when compared to other self-locking products
  • Connector Mating/Alignment - Self-seating Products ensure that there is NO connector and accessory misalignment