Anderson Power Products Connectors

PEI-Genesis is a distributor of Anderson Power Products™ connectors. Established in 1877 as a railway light and power company, APP™ is now an industry-leading manufacturer of high current, quick-disconnect power connectors.

Anderson Power Products™ specializes in the design and manufacture of high power interconnect solutions for rapid prototyping to production volumes and their connectors are used around the world across many markets including telecom & IT equipment, motive power, electrification/material handling EV, and alternative energy to meet power, signal, & ground needs in protected or environmentally exposed applications.

Anderson Power Products™ connectors offer a variety of contact options:

  • Flat-wiping
  • Pin & socket
  • Hot pluggable
  • Make-first / break-last
  • Mixed power & signal

These can be terminated for: bus bar, PCB, panel or cable mounting applications. Anderson Power Products™ connectors are designed to allow the user to create custom connectors. The Powerpole connector series for example, is stackable with many color options for identification and housings that can accommodate wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, and wire-to-busbar connections. Anderson Power Products™ connectors are rated from 5 to 700 amps for 150 volts / 600 volts, AC/DC applications.

High Quality, Flexible Interconnect Solutions

PEI-Genesis offers a huge selection of Anderson Power Products™ connector systems, including their Multipole line with genderless housings and contacts that allow for AC/DC hot plugging, as well as the environmentally sealed SPEC Pak® series (IP68 rated). Saf-D-Grid® connectors provide touch safety and arc protection for low voltage applications and the POWERMOD® HP is hot-pluggable and UL rated up to 450 amps. APP's Multi Axial Rotational Connector (MARC) is designed to secure 2 blindmate connections and their Power Drawer® series mixes power and signal for drawer-type applications. These and other Anderson Power Products™ connectors are relied on every day in high-demand fields such as material handling, telecommunications, medical, marine, and power electronics.

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