Amphenol MIL-T-81714 Series II Socket Junction Modules

Amphenol MIL-T-81714 Series II Socket Junction Modules


Designed and qualified to MIL-T-81714, Amphenol’s Series II Socket Junction Modules are robust, reliable, and always perform to the highest standards in harsh environments and are ideal for the military and commercial aerospace markets. Every component of the MIL-T-81714 Series II meets military standard for reliability, down to the use of Amphenol's M39029 pin contacts.

These modules are both a lightweight yet durable connection option, providing environmental sealing and tear/flex resistant silicone body in instrumentation, power and signal, rotorcraft/helicopter and UAV applications. The Amphenol MIL-T-81714 Series II are rated to AS81714 for vibration resistance and able to perform in temperatures ranging from -65°C to 200°C. Available configurations include: Feedback/Feedthrough, Board Mount, Electronic, Sealed Splice, and Ground.

Available configurations include:

  • Feedback/feedthrough
  • Board mount
  • Electronic
  • Sealed splice
  • Ground