Anderson SB 175 Multipole Power Connector (Up To 280 Amps)

Anderson SB 175 Multipole Power Connector (Up To 280 Amps)


The innovative Anderson SB 175 connector provide cost-effective reliability, design flexibility and safety for your products' manufacture, installation and maintenance.

SB connectors feature a rugged one piece plastic housing using stainless steel springs to retain the contacts and create the “contact force” that provides extremely low resistance enabling greater electrical efficiency. The SB connectors are also genderless, reducing overall cost.

Anderson Power Product's 2 & 3 pole connectors are available with a 175 amp rating, 600 Volts continuous AC or DC operation. There are Anderson SB 175 connectors for many applications and wire sizes, #4 to 1/0 AWG (21.1 to 53.5mm2). Mechanical keys ensure that this Anderson SB 175 connector series will only mate with connectors of the same color. Different color housings are selected to identify voltages, thus preventing mismatching of the power supply system.

SB® 175 Multipole Connector Features:

  • Standard housing uses up to 1/0 (50mm2) wire and allows currents up to 280 amps
  • SB 2/0 housing allow s use of 2/0 (70mm2) wire and handles up to 340 amps
  • Same external dimensions as standard SB175 and completely inter-mateable
  • UL rated for Hot Plugging up to 100 amps
  • Chemical resistant housing option - Extends temperature range down to -40°C, while offering enhanced UV and chemical resistance
  • Wire and Busbar Contacts - Allows one connection system to meet multiple application needs