Anderson Power Products Multipole SBS 50 Connector (Up To 110 Amps)

Anderson Power Products Multipole SBS 50 Connector

(UP TO 110 AMPS)

The Patented SBS 50 connector is designed for high voltage applications where personal safety is critical. The SBS 50 connector meets the accessibility requirements of UL1977 section 10.2 and is recommended for over 50 volts.

The slim, ergonomic design, along with Anderson's flat wipe contact technology makes hot plugging and unplugging easy and safe. The SBS 50 connector is manufactured using the same high quality materials that provide APP customers the robustness needed for systems demanding reliability and longevity.

Applications for this SBS 50 connector include: AC & DC power distribution, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and traction batteries.