Anderson Power Products™ SBS® 75X Connector (Up To 110 Amps)

Anderson Power Products™ SBS<sup>®</sup> 75X Connector

(UP TO 110 AMPS)

The patented multipole Anderson Power Products™ SBS® 75x connector is designed to provide high power and auxiliary connections in a single housing. Wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations both provide the Anderson Power Products™ SBS® 75X connector series two power contacts rated up to 105 amps and up to 4 auxiliary power contacts rated up to 20 amps. The pin auxiliary contacts are available in four lengths when sequencing is required. Auxiliaries provide a make last / break first connection in relation to the power contacts.

The Anderson Power Products™ SBS® 75x provides protection and user safety by meeting UL 1977 section = 10.2 finger proof requirements. This is of particular importance in applications where DC voltages exceed 48 volts and can be health threatening. All contact positions are rated for circuit interruption (hot plugging).

Applications for this Anderson Power Products™ SBS® 75x connector include: AC & DC power distribution, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and traction batteries.