Anderson Power Products Power Clip® Connector (Up To 300 Amps)

Anderson Power Products Power Clip® Connector

(UP TO 300 AMPS)

Anderson Power Products® (APP), a leader in power interconnect solutions, offers the Power Clip® connector as part of the diversified family of electrical power connectors. Designed as a low cost interconnection between two perpendicular power bus bars, the Power Clip® is used in “N+1” rectifier, power supply and switching power supply applications.

The high-performance contact of the Power Clip® provides low-voltage drop and superior amperage carrying capability. Because the clip accepts a solid .125 inches or 3mm thick nickel or gold plated rectangular bus bar tab, there is no need for a mating connector.

The Power Clip® has been evaluated to UL1977 and CSA standard C22.2 No. 182.3-M1987 and is rated for up to 300 amps of continuous service. The product is also UL approved for true hot plug current interruption of 100A at 48V and 200A at 42V using a gold bus bar tab.