Anderson PowerMod® High Power Connectors (210 - 450 Amps)

Anderson PowerMod® High Power Connectors

(210 - 450 AMPS)

Anderson PowerMod® HP connectors are the innovative New Generation of High Power connectors for the Electronics Industry. The Anderson PowerMod High Power connector family provides; cost effective reliability, superior safety and ergonomics, with broad design flexibility. The positive latch and optional strain relief of Anderson PowerMod® High Power connectors ensure superior reliability. The contacts are extremely durable and rated for circuit interruption (true hot-pluggable). Our touch-safe female housing design with integral latch release presents a new standard for high power connector safety and ergonomics. The housings are black UL94 V-0 material with latches in blue for clear identification.

The Anderson PowerMod® High Power connector family offers excellent design flexibility with the availability of 10 different connector types.