Anderson Power Products Powerpole® "T" Pak Connector (Up To 20 Amps)

Anderson Power Products Powerpole® 'T' Pak Connector


The Anderson Power Products “T” Pak Connector effectively splits electrical current from one incoming circuit into two outgoing circuits. The “T” Pak is designed to be used with APP's 4 position Powerpole® Paks to provide a flexible system for directing power while being environmentally sealed. The outer shell is molded of the same high-impact and corrosion resistant thermoplastic as the Powerpole® Pak. Each unit comes pre- assembled for a 20A, 3-phase AC configuration. Standard configurations include red, black, white and green (ground housing) connectors.

The electrical connections are made using APP PP15/45 Powerpoles and Premate Ground Powerpole. The “T” Pak allows for easy installation, convenient connection and quick disconnection of electrical equipment for industrial and commercial applications. Mounting holes are provided to allow the unit to be mounted in any location and integral latches prevent accidental disconnection and proven strain relief.