Anderson Power Products™ PCB 45 Powerpole® Wire to Board Connectors (Up To 45 Amps)

Anderson Power Products<sup>™</sup> PCB 45 Powerpole® Wire to Board Connectors


Anderson Power Products High Current printed circuit board (PCB) contact series, when utilized with the Powerpole® 15/45 connector housings, provides a reliable wire to board PCB connection. They are UL Recognized at 45 amps, AC or DC.

These wire to board connectors may be configured in 1 and 2 row configurations, in both vertical and right angle mounted terminations. These wire to board connectors provide an ideal solution for applications that require high current connections to a PCB.

Anderson PCB Connector Features:

  • Vertical and right angle terminations - allows for design flexibility
  • Tin plated copper contacts - minimal contact resistance at high currents
  • Fits standard housing & accessories - allows for configurations that can be color coded & polarized
  • Two right angle stacking bends - allows two rows parallel stacking of connectors on the PCB
  • Quick disconnect - avoids the need for unfastening ring type terminals
  • Snap-On interface - ensures foolproof assembly and proper connection
  • Vertical mini-powerclaw UL rated - for current interruption (hot-plug) so that equipment can be hot swapped
  • Anti-static packaging - meets electronics industry PCB requirements
  • Vacuum packaging - prevents tarnishing of contacts during shelf life