Summer Internship Program 2019 | PEI-Genesis

PEI-Genesis, Inc. is excited to announce that we will be hiring interns for our Summer 2019 Internship Program! Our interns will be located at our Corporate Headquarters in Philadelphia, PA as well as our production facilities in South Bend, IN and Chandler, AZ. PEI-Genesis provides global experience for university students yearning to leave their mark in the real-world. PEI is a locally-owned company that has expanded internationally to include over 18 offices around the globe. Our 10-week, paid internship program offers a variety of career opportunities ranging from sales to engineering positions. With PEI, you will develop strong interpersonal and business skills, gain exposure to the day-to-day operations of an international, privately held company, and have the chance to make an immediate impact on our company’s future. You will be able to kick-start your community service initiatives and lend a hand in corporate social responsibility. As a PEI Intern, you will have the opportunity to perform meaningful work that will help build our company's infrastructure, regularly team up with executives to dive into the business, and immerse yourself in a collaborative project with fellow interns.


Position: Product Management Intern
Description: You will be handling a multitude of tasks that include, but not be limited to, data entry into our ERP system, running queries, utilizing our supplier database, reviewing our catalogs to make sure we have all of the information in our systems, and identifying products and categorizing them correctly. Being able to present information in front of a group is also a part of this position. The ideal candidate will have strong Microsoft Excel skills to manipulate data, VLookup & pivot table experience, be detail oriented and have an interest in supply chain.

Position: Purchasing Intern
Description: Your focus will be on expediting (getting our suppliers to send us parts in a timely manner) and working with our buyers to maintain proper inventory levels. This will be done by working within our ERP system and Microsoft Excel on a daily basis. The ideal candidate will have strong Microsoft Excel skills, be excellent at multitasking and have an interest in supply chain.

Position: Reporting & Analytics Intern
Description: Your project will be a combination of sorting through reports, determining which ones need to be improved or decommissioned, organizing them and then presenting those findings to the Product department. The ideal candidate will have experience using SQL and be familiar with data visualization, be comfortable presenting information in front of a group, and have an overall interest in the technical side of data.

Position: Internal Applications Engineer Intern
Description: You will be structuring and categorizing technical files for global access as well as creating, documenting and maintaining competitive information. The ideal candidate will have strong skills in Microsoft Excel and SharePoint as well as Adobe Acrobat. *Must be a U.S. citizen (U.S. Government Regulation).

Position: Marketing Intern
Description: You will be working on various projects that will include but are not limited to: Analyzing the performance of our Social Media efforts, Email Campaigns, and Blog utilizing HubSpot’s built-in analytic tools. Effectively suggest best practices to increase engagement. Update and redesign all company-wide organizational charts (North America, China, and EMEA) to properly and clearly show reporting structure. Monitoring Hotjar data and developing recommendations on how to streamline our website. Provide insight on web user behavior. The ideal candidate will have excellent written, verbal and analytical skills, experience/knowledge in digital marketing, be technologically savvy and creative, and knowledge of Microsoft Office suite.

Position: Sales Intern
Description: You will be tasked with identifying high potential targets in our customer base to be passed down to the branch locations for development in the next year. You will also be expected to build a “qualification” template to be used in our Net Suite CRM system that would serve as the basis for future identification of high value target customers. The ideal candidate will be proficient in Microsoft Excel and have excellent written, verbal, analytical and problem solving skills.


Position: Continuous Improvement Intern
Description: You will be exposed to PEI’s system of 5S, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and participate in/help lead successful kaizen events with both internal and external consultants, customers, and suppliers, with a major emphasis on locally focused improvement. You will assist in the collection of data and the visual reporting of data for tracking improvements. The ideal candidate will have knowledge of, and experience with, 5S, Six Sigma, Lean Principles. The ability to effectively present information in one-on-one and small group situations to customers, clients, and other employees of the organization; ability to prepare and present training. Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). *Must be a U.S. citizen (U.S. Government Regulation).

Position: Engineer/Drafter Intern
Description: You will be responsible for assisting the Engineering department with creating and updating drawings for internal and customer use, creating and updating our 3D model parts library, and researching needed specs and details for job development. The ideal candidate will have previous experience or education in AutoCAD and/or Inventor as well as have a basic understanding of Autodesk drafting/modeling software.


Position: Process Engineer Intern (*Must be entering Junior/Senior year)
Description: You will assist our Sr. Process Engineer in examining the assembly processes in our manufacturing plant and make suggestions that will improve the efficiency and quality output. You will help analyze the production systems, components and equipment, and make suggestions on ways to enhance the overall process. You will also be exposed to the planning and strategy that goes into launching new products. The overall goal is to aid the Sr. Process Engineer in increasing product output within the plant. The ideal candidate will have strong Microsoft Office and AutoCAD experience, excellent problem solving and communication skills, and knowledge of industrial machinery.

If you are interested in any of these internship opportunities, please apply directly through LinkedIn as well as send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]. Also, please specify which internship opportunity you are most interested in with your resume and cover letter submission. Thank you!