Cinch Fibreco F960 Fibre Optic Connectors

Cinch Fibreco F960 Expanded Beam Fibre Optic Connectors


Designed specifically for military tactical communications, the Cinch Fibreco F960 connector is available with 2, 4, 8 or 12 multimode optical channels and features a “pinless” alignment providing flat mating surfaces. The connectors are terminated using an epoxy-polish ferrule termination process with standard fibre optic termination tools and equipment. The terminated ferrules are inserted into the expanded beam housing and fixed in place via a spring and cover-plate. Ferrule alignment to the lenses is achieved automatically by the unique optical arrangement developed and patented by Fibreco. In the event of the connector suffering severe damage in use, the connector design enables replacement of the expanded beam insert / connector front body and grip ring without the need to re-terminate the fibres. Typically, an expanded beam insert can be replaced within 30 minutes in field conditions.