Connector Outgassing

Connector Outgassing

What is Outgassing?

Outgassing/vacuum degassing (also called gas-off) is required for connectors that will be used in space or vacuum applications. Certain elastomers and plastics contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that will release slowly over time. Connector outgassing speeds the release of these compounds, baking the VOCs out of the connector, resulting in a finished product with significantly reduced VOCs, minimizing the risk of harmful outgassing. This process is per NASA, ESA or military specifications.

Why is outgassing important?

If VOCs release naturally while in orbit through evaporation, as they will in a connector that has not been outgassed/vacuum-degassed, the VOCs will re-condense on other surfaces and can quickly degrade equipment and jeopardize performance.

How does outgassing work?

Connectors are “baked” at high temperatures in a high-vacuum environment in order to extract the VOCs. PEI has invested in two in-house controlled, vacuum-sealed ovens for this process. While outgassing normally takes weeks, we can fully outgas a connector in just 4 hours, which allows us to assemble, outgas, test, package and ship within 48 hours. We deliver test reports with every outgassed connector.

Click to read the NASA specifications for outgassing.