Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) Connectors | ITT Cannon DL Series

Zif Connectors ITT Cannon DL Series


ITT Cannon’s DL connector family is a versatile, high-density zero insertion force (ZIF) connector series with up to 260 contacts in plastic body connectors and up to 408 contacts in the EMI/RFI shielded metal body connectors. These ITT Cannon ZIF connectors are ideal for medical imaging, test & measurement equipment, entertainment equipment or any application that requires high mating cycles and high performance in a multiple-wire power and signal connectors. ITT Cannon ZIF connectors have a unique latching design that allow for configurations up to 360-way to be mated and unmated in less the two seconds and requires no sliding force. For more details on ITT Cannon ZIF connectors, please see the product specifications below.