ITT Cannon CA-B / CB Series Bayonet Connectors

ITT Cannon CA-B / CB Series Bayonet Connectors -->


ITT Cannon's CA Bayonet versatile and highly reliable connector series is an improvement on the well established MIL-DTL-5015 standard featuring a superior quarter turn, 3-point reverse bayonet coupling design for rapid mating and unmating. Designed to the VG95234 specification these connectors are ideal for a wide range of harsh environment applications where exceptional shock, vibration and environmental protection is required.

The series is available in VG approved Cadmium and its VG approved RoHS compliant replacement Tin Zinc J plating as well as other RoHS compliant plating options such as Black Zinc Cobalt and Blue Generation Zinc Nickel. With approximately 140 contact arrangement options, 12 shell sizes accommodating 1- 65 circuits and diverse accessory options these connectors provide extensive versatility for different requirements.

PEI-Genesis also offers proprietary CB series for customized CA Bayonet solutions.