LEMO B-Series Push Pull Connector

LEMO Push Pull Connector B-Series


PEI-Genesis offers LEMO’s B-Series push pull connector: a secure, push pull latching system with high-density panel spacing, 360 degree EMI shielding and quick mating or unmating. This LEMO push pull connector series is designed for indoor or vacuum-tight applications, making it an ideal choice for test and measurement instrumentation, medical devices, research, audio/video and applications where a highly reliable, quick-mating connector is needed. Modular insert configurations include a wide range of high-density or hybrid electrical contacts, including solder, crimp, PCB straight or elbow, fibre, coax, thermocouple, pneumatic, fluidic or high voltage contacts. LEMO’s proprietary keying system allows for a higher contact density while preventing mismating. This LEMO push pull connector series includes the family size range of 0B to 5B, as well as the 00 multipole and 2G (shortened version of the 2B series). PEI-Genesis’ Value Add Services are available for the LEMO B-Series with rapid turnaround. Contact us today to discuss your next application.