LEMO M-Series Connectors

LEMO M Series Connectors Micro Circular


For applications including man-portable, vehicle-mounted and aircraft electronics, M-Series connectors are the smallest multi-pin, full shielded, vibration-secure and sealed connector available, offering a lightweight connection with high pin-count density, 360⁰ EMC shielding protection, and LEMO durability. M-Series connectors have been tested to MIL specifications, clearly demonstrating capability to handle typical military and security applications and are available in a full range of shell design options.

LEMO M-Series high strength aluminum connectors incorporate a triple-start fast-locking ratchet mechanism for use in high vibration and harsh environments. M-Series connectors are one of the lightest and most compact connectors of the LEMO product range providing significant size and weight advantages over MIL-38999 connectors and other micro circular connectors.

M-Series connectors are available with anodized aluminum which enhances the choice of available colors.