PEI-Genesis Announces Brazilian Partnership with AGS Aerohoses

PEI-Genesis Announces Brazilian Partnership with AGS Aerohoses Global Leader in Precision Connectors and Power Supplies Enters Brazilian Aerospace Market

Philadelphia, PA (February 25, 2014) PEI-Genesis, Inc., one of the world’s fastest assemblers of precision connectors and power supplies, has signed an agreement with AGS Aerohoses of Cruzeiro, San Paulo, Brazil to represent PEI-Genesis’s portfolio of high reliability connectors and design services throughout Brazil.

This agreement will bring PEI-Genesis’ deep expertise and resources to the Brazilian marketplace by offering its reliable, cutting-edge solutions in a timely, efficient manner. PEI-Genesis assembles and sells a vast range of aerospace connectors from Amphenol, TE/Deutsch, and ITT Cannon, among others. PEI’s automated assembly facilities are stocked with over $70 million of components from which it builds over 39,000 high reliability connectors a day, with a lead time of 48 hours, and a minimum order quantity of one piece.

“We are delighted to reach an agreement with AGS Aerohoses. Our collaboration will help us deliver our unrivalled level of customer service to the Brazilian aerospace market,” says Jane Fischetti, General Manager of PEI-Genesis Proprietary Products. “This partnership further demonstrates PEI-Genesis’ commitment to serving the global market.”

AGS’ goal is to create exceptional value for its customers by providing high-quality parts, competitive prices, prompt quotations, on-time delivery and after marketing support, for both industrial and representative businesses.

“PEI-Genesis has a broad range of circular and commercial air connectors and a sophisticated facility with the fastest lead time,” says Julio Cesar G. da Silva, President of AGS Aerohoses. “By working together, we will have enhanced capabilities and fill a gap in the Brazilian market.”


PEI-Genesis is one of the world’s fastest assemblers of precision connectors and power supplies. From the largest component inventory, they develop engineered solutions that support the military, industrial, medical, aerospace, transportation and energy sectors worldwide. PEI-Genesis can build over 12 million unique connectors from stock at a rate of more than 5,000 per hour. Using proprietary automation for speed, consistency, and quality, PEI-Genesis can build just one piece or 10,000 pieces with equal ease to any standard or customized specification. PEI-Genesis is the only partner that offers assembly and shipment of connectors in 48 hours and power supplies in a week. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, PEI-Genesis has production facilities in South Bend, IN; Bensalem, PA; and Southampton, UK; as well as 27 sales offices in eight countries. More information can be found at

About AGS

AGS Aerohoses has been on the aviation market for 20 years, manufacturing hoses assemblies, rigid tubes, control cables and ground support equipment. AGS also operates on the representative business for leading suppliers on the aerospace, defense and oil and gas markets.

Located in Cruzeiro, State of São Paulo, Brazil, AGS has achieved sufficient know-how, reaching the main certifications from governmental authorities in Brazil, such as ANAC, Brazilian Navy, and CELOG and from private companies, such as Embraer and Parker Stratoflex. AGS is ISO9001:2008 and AS9100C certified, being also the only Brazilian company to have the Authorization of Approved Aeronautical Product (APAA), a certification issued by ANAC, which guarantees the privilege of exclusivity in manufacturing new hose assemblies.

The company has on its customer base companies as EMBRAER, TAM, GOL, LÍDER, AZUL, ELEB, ENAER, AEL, Brazilian Air Force, Brazilian Navy, etc. More information can be found at