PEI-Genesis is awarded Distributor of the Year 2015 from Amphenol Socapex for Ethernet Solutions and MIL-DTL-26482 Series

Philadelphia, PA - (2/17/2016) PEI-Genesis, Inc., the world’s fastest assemblers of precision connectors, announced it is the proud recipient of Distributor of the Year 2015 from Amphenol Socapex for Ethernet Solutions and the MIL-DTL-26482 Series. The award was presented at the PEI-Genesis European sales meeting held in Southampton, UK.

The accolade was awarded to PEI-Genesis in recognition of their ongoing contribution to Amphenol Socapex’s success.

Nathalie Escalle, Distribution Manager at Amphenol Socapex said: “We really appreciate being invited to the PEI-Genesis sales meeting for a full-day, engaging the PEI sales team with product training from several different Amphenol divisions. It was great to be able to finish the day by presenting this award to the hard-working and talented PEI team".

PEI-Genesis complements Amphenol Socapex’s sales channel by providing off-the-shelf and short turnaround custom-build connectors. PEI-Genesis is an authorized assembling distributor for traditional product ranges from Amphenol Socapex such as the PT/451 Series and the D38999 HE308 specification. PEI-Genesis has also more recently broadened their product portfolio offering the PT/PTSE (MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1) with Black Zinc Nickel plating. PEI-Genesis also offers the RJ Field Series of harsh environment Ethernet connectors. More information on the Amphenol Socapex products available from PEI-Genesis may be found at


PEI-Genesis is one of the world’s fastest assemblers of precision connectors and cable assemblies. From one of the largest inventories of electronic components in the world, they develop engineered solutions that support the military, industrial, medical, aerospace, transportation and energy sectors worldwide. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, PEI-Genesis has production facilities in South Bend, IN; Southampton, UK; and Zhuhai, China as well as sales offices throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. More information may be found at