Amphenol-Air LB approves PEI-Genesis for assembly of VG95234 connectors

PEI-Genesis, the franchised assembler and distributor of electronic connectors, has been approved by Amphenol-Air LB to assemble its range of VG95234 multi-pin circular connectors. The connectors are now available from PEI-Genesis with its market-leading 48-hour assembly service.

Designed to conform to the VG95234 German military standard, the connectors use the same dimensions and contact arrangements as specified in MIL-C-5015, but they are provided with a reverse bayonet coupling, which not only ensures quick and effortless locking/unlocking but also avoids unintentional unlatching in conditions of severe vibration.

Available in ten shell sizes with a wide variety of contact arrangements, the VG95234 connectors feature aluminum alloy shells with an olive drab finish, neoprene inserts and silver-plated copper crimp contacts offering maximum current ratings from 8A to 245A.

The connectors come in an extensive range of different styles, all of which are supplied with a sealing grommet to provide IP67 environmental protection. Operating temperature range is specified as -55 to 125degC, and the connectors are rated for a minimum of 500 mating cycles.

As well as being ideal for use on military vehicles and ground equipment, these high-reliability waterproof connectors are also suitable for various applications in the industrial and transportation sectors.