Clansman military audio connectors now available with 48-hour assembly service

Franchised assembling distributor PEI-Genesis has extended its ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT Cannon) stock profile to include the VEAM PT (Pattern 105) range of military audio connectors and is now offering them with the standard PEI-Genesis 48-hour assembly service.

Originally designed and manufactured by TEC Electrical Components before it was acquired by ITT Industries, the VEAM PT connectors are widely used in fighting vehicles and ground-based military communications equipment such as the MoD’s Clansman and Bowman radio systems.

These multiple-contact connectors offer equipment designers a high-quality, miniature bayonet-coupling connection that is particularly suitable for applications where high reliability is a prime requirement. Providing a lightweight yet rugged construction, the VEAM PT connectors feature aluminium shells with a choice of cadmium olive drab or green zinc cobalt plating for excellent corrosion resistance.

The connectors are available in a variety of styles with numerous contact arrangements from 2 to 61 contacts. To prevent cross plugging of adjacent connectors, they can be specified with up to five different keyway polarizations or insert orientations.

As well as fully conforming to the rigorous requirements of BS9522 F0017, the PT connectors are also compatible and fully intermateable with connectors meeting the requirements of MIL-C-26482.