Miniature push/pull connectors can take full immersion.

New from international assembling distributor PEI-Genesis is the Amphenol SCE series of miniature push/pull connectors, which offer an environmental protection rating of IP68 and are therefore ideal for use in applications where they may be subjected to full immersion.

As well as incorporating O-ring seals, the connectors are designed with all inserts and contacts moulded into position to achieve the high IP68 rating whether mated or unmated.

Featuring silent push-to-mate and pull-to-release operation, the SCE series includes in-line and chassis-mount plugs, together with in-line receptacles in snatch or latch styles and chassis-mount receptacles in jam-nut, 2-hole or 4-hole styles.

The snatch receptacle is designed for quick-release applications, whereas the latch receptacle has a rotating coupling nut to lock the connectors together.

Offering scoop-proof shell-to-shell keying with a choice of five different orientations, the connectors are available in shell sizes 06, 07 and 08 accommodating up to 19 gold-plated, turned contacts.

All SCE connector shells are machined from brass, giving an increased mechanical durability compared with traditional aluminium connectors. The SCE connectors are rated for a minimum of 2000 matings and have an operating temperature range of -55 to +85degC.