PEI-Genesis Offers 1-Day Delivery on Hundreds of Amphenol Application-Specific Quadrax Contact Connectors

PEI-Genesis has developed an innovative approach to provide their customers with hundreds of unique Amphenol Aerospace Quadrax high-speed connector options, with delivery as quick as 1 day with no minimums.

This new approach is a customer-focused strategic decision, according to Daniel Borges, PEI-Genesis Product Marketing Manager. “By keeping a large inventory of Quadrax contacts and connectors separately, we can offer customers flexibility to meet a wider range of connector/insert combinations. Depending on the application we can select the correct connector and the right Quadrax contacts, and deliver a kit within 24 hours,” said Borges.

PEI-Genesis’s large inventory of Quadrax contacts is especially important when used with the popular MIL-DTL-38999 connector line, which can be designed into an unlimited number of applications. By comparison, other distributors do not have as large an inventory of Quadrax contacts as PEI-Genesis, which means longer lead times and mandatory minimum purchase quantity requirements.

High speed Quadrax contacts consist of an outer contact with four inner contacts spaced in two 100 or 150 Ohm controlled impedance differential pairs. Both contacts, when used in Amphenol MIL DTL-38999 Series III and ARINC type connectors, provide an excellent alternative for harsh environment applications such as:

  • Ethernet 100 Base-T-100 Ohm
  • Gigabit Ethernet 1000 Base-T-100 Ohm, 1000 Base-CX, 150 Ohm
  • Fibre Channel-150 Ohm, 1G/2G
  • IEEE1394B FireWire-110 Ohm
  • Serial FPDP Applications, 2.5Gbps
  • SCSCI-2, 3.2Gbps

Differential Twinax and Quadrax contact options include:

  • Crimp or printed circuit board termination
  • Established designs to accommodate a variety of cable types and gauges
  • Incorporation of Quadrax contacts into ground plane connectors

These connectors have conductive inserts that ground the outer conductor of the contact body to the shell of the connector. They accommodate size 8 and 12 shielded contacts, of which the size 8 can be a Quadrax type.

Amphenol Aerospace supports PEI-Genesis and our customers with the latest technology in high-speed size 8 Quadrax contacts for use in MIL-DTL-38999 Cylindrical Connectors. Sandy Ford, Amphenol Aerospace Product Marketing Manager for High Speed Products, says, “PEI-Genesis will help expand design opportunities for the Quadrax product line by greatly reducing lead times and offering more sales coverage. With their available inventory, PEI-Genesis can support the initial design requirements by accommodating smaller quantities with very good lead times. Most requests could be shipped in less than 24 hours.”

PEI-Genesis has been building connectors since 1952. PEI-Genesis is the only value-added connector distributor in the world that builds, tests, packages, and ships all orders within a 1.1 day cycle time and does so using proprietary robotic assembly equipment. PEI-Genesis builds over 36,000 connectors per day and is one of the 15 largest distributors in North America. PEI-Genesis is focused on interconnect solutions with 21 sales offices backed by a strong team of internal, field, and design engineers.

To reach the PEI-Genesis sales office closest to you, call 1-800-642-8750. For more information and additional Quadrax contact and connector specifications, visit and search our “live” Amphenol inventory.

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