Rail-industry connectors now in stock at PEI-Genesis

Franchised assembling distributor PEI-Genesis is now carrying stocks of ITT's VEAM CIR series multipin circular connectors, which have become the worldwide standard for rail and mass-transit applications.

With stock to build over 6000 different part numbers, PEI-Genesis is offering the CIR connectors and flame-retardant FRCIR variants with the company's market-leading 48-hour assembly service.

Engineers and buyers in the rail sector will now be able to obtain the exact connector for their requirement in the shortest possible time and without the burden of minimum order quantities, as PEI-Genesis will happily assemble just one connector if that is all the customer needs.

Designed specifically for the hostile environment of the rail industry, the VEAM CIR series can be configured to function as electrical, optical or pneumatic connectors and therefore simplify the design process as well as reducing product inventories.

Featuring a positive-lock/quick-disconnect bayonet coupling mechanism, these versatile connectors come in high-voltage, twin or tri-axial, hermetic and EMC versions. High shock and vibration resistance is achieved without the need for lock wires, and the connectors provide excellent resistance to fuel oils, solvents and elevated temperatures.

Available in an enormous range of styles, shell sizes and contact arrangements, the VEAM CIR connectors can be supplied in a variety of materials and finishes to suit the demands of each particular application.