Railway connectors gain full SNCF qualification

ITT’s VEAM VBN series of rail-industry connectors, which are available for despatch within 48 hours from international assembling distributor PEI-Genesis, have recently been awarded full NF F 61-030 qualification by the French mass-transit authority, SNCF.

The qualification process involved vigorous testing over a prolonged period to verify the mechanical and electrical intermateability between the VEAM VBN connectors and other approved products.

ITT’s success in achieving NF F 61-030 qualification means that the VBN multi-pin circular connectors can now be used by subcontractors on any train operated by SNCF.

Designed specifically for the hostile environment of railway and transportation applications, the VBN connectors feature plated aluminium alloy shells with a positive-lock/quick-disconnect reverse bayonet coupling mechanism for fast, reliable mating and unmating.

High shock and vibration resistance is achieved without the need for lock wires, and the connectors are resistant to fuel oils, solvents and elevated temperatures.

Utilising clip-in crimp contacts and flame-retardant thermoplastic inserts with retaining rings, the VBN series connectors are supplied by PEI-Genesis as loose parts to allow users to configure the polarisation to suit the requirements of their particular application. Inserts can even be changed at a later date if additional capacity is required as the system expands.

Available in a wide range of styles, shell sizes and contact arrangements, the VBN connectors can be supplied in various materials and finishes to suit the demands of each individual application. There are no minimum order quantities (MOQs).

Also in stock at PEI-Genesis are ITT’s two other ranges of connectors specifically aimed at rail-industry applications: the VEAM CIR series and the Trident Multiway series.

Similar to the VBN series, the CIR series consists of an extensive choice of multi-pin circular connectors, which can be configured with a wide variety of inserts and contacts to provide electrical, fibre-optic or pneumatic interconnections.

Products in the CIR series are supplied fully assembled by PEI-Genesis using the company’s market-leading 48-hour connector assembly service, which means that engineers and buyers in the rail sector can now obtain the exact connector for their requirement in the shortest possible time.

PEI-Genesis achieves this unrivalled level of service by holding enormous stocks of connector piece-parts and using
in-house developed machines to automate the assembly process.

Again there are no MOQs for the CIR series, which is particularly useful for maintenance-and-repair applications and for customers wishing to minimise their inventories as they can simply order exactly the right number of connectors they need without having to purchase unnecessary additional stock.

The component parts of both the VBN and CIR series connectors are manufactured at ITT’s Lainate facility in Italy, which has recently received IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) certification for the design and production of electrical and fibre-optic circular connectors.

Complementing the VBN and CIR series is Trident Multiway - an extremely reliable, robust and versatile connector system for trackside signalling equipment. Particularly suitable for handling in cold weather, the Trident Multiway connectors can be equipped with large jackscrew knobs and feature an operating temperature range of –55 to 125degC. They have a minimum insulation resistance of 5000Mohm at 500VDC, and, if required, can be specified with polarisation using contact position, pin-protection shrouds or additional guide pin and socket sets.