Technology Forges BFFs (Best Friends Forever)

A heart-warming story from PEI-Genesis

Philadelphia, PA (December 17, 2013) Andy Stump, Site Manager at PEI-Genesis’ South Bend, Indiana location, always knew his daughter Sarah had an extraordinary friendship with someone living over 8,000 miles away in New Zealand. But, he wasn’t prepared for the pair to be a source of inspiration across the globe.

Andy and his daughter Sarah and family live in Nappanee, IN. When Sarah’s mother was pregnant, she discovered her daughter would be born without part of her left arm. The family searched for support online and connected with a woman in Auckland, New Zealand. That woman’s daughter, Paige, had the same physical condition as Sarah and the mothers began corresponding over email.

When the girls got older, they began speaking to each other, first by email and then through Skype. Over the course of the past eight years, Paige and Sarah have spoken almost daily and have found each other to be a great source of companionship and strength.

“Like most teenagers, Sarah and Paige can spend hours online with each other,” says Stump. “But, their friendship is really unique and special. For over eight years, they have supported and encouraged one another; and until recently they had never met in person. It’s just ironic that my world is all about technology and it was thanks to technology that our girls connected and found one another.”

Sarah dreamed about the day she would meet Paige in person. This year, Skype ran a “Stay Together” series focused on family and friends keeping in touch over long distances. The company asked for user submissions showcasing how people used Skype worldwide. Sarah submitted her story about her friendship with Paige and Skype found the story to be so inspiring, that it arranged for the two girls and their mothers to meet in person in New Zealand, even documenting their first in-person meeting in a series of video chronicles. Their heartwarming story – captured in a YouTube video titled “The Born Friends Family Portrait” – made its debut on the “Katie” show in New York City where Skype reconnected the girls to share their story. Skype created additional video and editorial content about the girls’ friendship which can be found on Skype’s “Stay Together” website, and Skype’s video was recently selected as one of the top ten commercials of 2013 by

“Sarah and Paige have grown up together online,” says Stump. “They are each other’s champions and we’re delighted that they finally were able to embrace in person.”

PEI-Genesis enables technology through its innovative services and Sarah and Paige’s story demonstrates how technology can abet human connection. With staff, clients and partners around the world, PEI-Genesis recognizes the value of staying in touch with our friends and loved ones across the miles. Together with Skype, PEI-Genesis celebrates Sarah and Paige’s friendship. Their heart-warming meeting can be viewed online at


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