The Connector Connoisseur

One visitor to the recent Defence Electronics and Systems show in London hit the connector jackpot.

A Worried Man, he arrived at the show desperately seeking, not Susan, but an unusual connector assembly, and not really knowing where he might find it. That is until he happened upon the stand of assembling distributor PEI Genesis, and approached European marketing manager Doug Mercer.

Asking Mercer to advise you on connectors is like getting Sir Alex Ferguson's advice on football management. You're on a winner. Mercer has 38 years of connector experience. He's introduced so many connectors to backshells, sockets and cables, if he was running a connector dating agency he'd be a zillionaire.

"Got anything I can look at?" asked Mercer of Worried Man. WM has indeed. He's a smart guy and downloaded some drawings on to his IPhone. He needs one of each connector assembly to produce a prototype product. Mercer peers at the screen and WM is about to become Happy Man. The essential details are relayed by Mercer to one his sales team, and these are passed on to the engineering team at PEI Genesis's Southampton facility.

Next day samples, free of charge by the way, land on Happy Man's desk. If PEI Genesis don't get the production they should send the chaps rounds, in fact, I'll send the chaps round, because that is outstanding service.