BMA RF Connectors

Blind-Mate Precision Coaxial Connectors Designed for up to 18GHz

BMA RF connectors are precision coaxial connectors designed for high-frequency applications, typically operating up to 18 GHz. They feature a unique blind mating mechanism, allowing for quick and secure connections without the need for precise alignment. This makes them ideal for applications where frequent mating and unmating are required, such as telecom infrastructure, radar systems, and military communications equipment.

BMA connectors offer excellent electrical performance, including low insertion loss and high isolation, ensuring reliable signal transmission even in demanding environments. Their compact size and robust design make them well-suited for use in space-constrained installations, such as in densely packed communication racks or onboard aircraft and satellites. Overall, BMA RF connectors provide a reliable and efficient solution for high-frequency connectivity in various critical applications.

PEI-Genesis offers BMA RF connectors from SV Microwave.