Lemo - R Connector

LRR W.2NUTS KeyG 6C 6.5mm BLK

PEI-Genesis offers LEMO’s Redel P Series push-pull self-latching connector. LEMO Redel P Series connectors feature a secure mechanical connection with a push-pull self-latching system and an audible click when mated. Standard and reverse gender configurations and multiple mechanical keying options are available to avoid mis-mating. The LEMO Redel P Series uses Polyetherimide (PEI) housing material which can withstand steam sterilization and resists the common sterilization methods required multiple times. The durability and lightweight characteristics make it an ideal choice for the following applications:

  • Instrumentation
  • Wearable/movable medical devices
  • Audio/video
  • Other applications where a highly reliable connector is required.
  • Where a quick-mating connector is needed

Insert configurations include a wide range of high-density or hybrid electrical contacts, including solder, crimp, PCB, coaxial, fiber optic, fluidic or high voltage contacts for REDEL 2P High-Power. The LEMO Redel P Series includes 6 color codings, over 12 shell styles and 3 sizes using multipole 2 to 34 contacts.

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Sealing:IP 50 Unmated, IP64 Mated
Connector Type:Circular
Connector Style:Receptacle
Mounting Type:Jam Nut
Contacts, # of:6
Contact Style:Socket
Termination Method:Solder
Insert Arrangement:0.6
Contact Size:6#0.7
Contacts Supplied:Yes
Contact Material:Brass
Contact Plating:Gold over Nickel
Shell Material:Composite
Shell Plating:None
Shell Color:Black
Insert Material:PEEK
Contact Mating Life:2000
Insert Rotation/Keying:G
Endbell Type:Cable Clamp
Export Class: EAR / EAR99
RoHS: Yes
Weight (lbs): 0.01940
Weight (g): 8.80000