Souriau D38999 (8T) Series II Bayonet Connectors

Souriau D38999 (8T) Series II Bayonet Connectors


The Souriau D38999 Series II circular bayonet connectors are a part of Souriau's line of military grade bayonet connectors designed to perform in the harshest environments. The Series II offers the RFI - EMI shielding of the Souriau D38999 series in a lower profile connector.

These quick coupling connectors provide a high contact density, excellent shock/vibration resistance, and can withstand many corrosive industrial fluids. While the Souriau D38999 Series II were produced for military and civil aerospace applications, they are also suitable options for other specialized fields, including medical instrumentation, communications equipment, and balistic missile/weapon systems.

Souriau D38999 Series II connectors are available in 11 different shell sizes and 43 contact layouts.

  • Audible, sensitive and visual mating check
  • Quick bayonet coupling
  • Contact protection
  • 30% shorter than 38999 Series I
  • Temperature range: -65°C +200°C
  • Withstand up to 500 hrs salt spray
  • Support up to 128 contacts
  • Qualified to MIL-DTL-38999 Series II