Souriau UTL Series TRIM TRIO™ Push-Pull Connectors

Souriau UTL Series TRIM TRIO™ Push-Pull Connectors


The Souriau UTL TRIM TRIO® Series had been developed according to industrial equipment standards to take into account requests like impact resistance, finger probe, and current breaking capacity. The plastic-shell UTL offers four layouts (4, 5, 6, 8-pos), each with its own capabilities: 4 position allows 3 power plus a dedicated ground, 5 position allows field installation and screw terminal contacts (optional) with snap-in backshell, and 6 and 8 position offer power (up to 16A 277V) and signal (DMX, ROM, DAU) transmission in a single connector.

The 6 and 8 combinations both reduce the complexity of your system and can reduce installation costs. The Souriau UTL series of push-pull connectors are UL/IEC qualified and is also compliant with DMX single and duplex protocol. These connectors are ideal for lighting, power, automation, telecommunication, medical and instrumentation applications

SOURIAU UTL Series Features and Benefits:

  • UV Resistant
  • Sensitive tactile and audible click
  • Current breaking capacity
  • 500 mating cycles
  • Blind mating due to key shape design
  • Gas oil, Mineral oil, Acid & Basic bath resistant
  • IP68/69K Dynamic Mated & Unmated