Sure-Seal® M-Series Automation & Sensor Connectors

Sure-Seal’s M Series connectors offer an excellent miniature connector solution for areas where space is at a premium. Available in the M5, M8, M12, M16, M20 or M23 Series, these connectors from PEI-Genesis prevent environmental damage with an IP67 or higher protection rating against water and dust.

These connectors guard against repairs, unnecessary maintenance and system downtime. With any of these Sure-Seal M Series connectors, you’ll get a reliable, rugged interconnect for industrial control networks and other mission critical applications.

PEI-Genesis partners with design engineers to also build custom solutions with Sure-Seal M Series connectors. For full details on each connector, click the products below.

Learn more about Sure Seal M12 connectors by checking out our blog post called: "Resolving Industrial Computer Server Issues with the Sure-Seal M12 Series & Cable Assemblies".

Sure-Seal® Datasheet
Sure-Seal® IP67 M5 Series Catalog
Sure-Seal® IP67 M8 Series Catalog
Sure-Seal® IP67 M12 Series Catalog
Sure-Seal® IP67 M16 Series Catalog
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