Sure-Seal® IP67 Single Pole Power Connectors


The Sure-Seal Single Pole Power Connector offers a durable, touch-safe solution for use in a wide range of high-power applications. These high voltage connectors, which are both UL and CSA approved, have been designed to operate at up to 1000V in harsh environments with a maximum current rating of 800A (for use with single-core cables ranging from 25 to 300 mm²).

Sure-Seal’s single pole bayonet connectors are designed for simple mating and daisy chaining, providing the user with an easy-to-install solution that requires no special tools for assembly.

Due to their moisture resistance (IP67), safety features and capacity to transmit high currents, the Sure-Seal Single Pole Power Connector is an ideal choice for outdoor events with high electrical output such as concerts and sporting events.