Tubing / Cable Protection - Conduit, Heat Shrink and Sleeving

No cable or tubing can meet the requirements needed in terms of abrasion resistance, strength, or impact resistance without having appropriate cable protection. Wire conduits have to meet these requirements and also provide protection against dirt, humidity and extreme temperatures in harsh environments.

PEI-Genesis offers unique tubing and cable protection solutions for a variety of applications through Zippertubing, PMA, Flexa, Alphawire, and DSG. Whether you need flexible conduit, heat shrink, enclosure, wrap-around, or prefer braided-sleeving, PEI has a solution for your needs. Customers use these solutions in applications for the Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial Electronics, Communications, Military and Defense and Transportation markets. Contact us today to see how we can complete your application. Have a design or technical question? Click here to submit a technical request. One of our Design Engineers can help solve your problem.