Flexible Conduit Tubing

PEI-Genesis offers high quality solutions for flexible conduit tubing from Flexa and PMA. No matter which protective system you require, FLEXA provides protective tubings made of plastics or metal featuring the appropriate connection type for all customary threads.

Features and Benefits

  • Applicable for temperatures between – 60°C up to + 300°C
  • Rated up to IP69k
  • Resistant to solvents
  • UV resistant
  • Liquid-tight
  • Silicone cover option

Their flexible conduit tubing products are found in the mechanical engineering sector, in wind power stations, in the railway industry - or in the automotive industry.

Flexible conduit tubing keep electromagnetic impacts away from data lines, they protect laser light guides against physical impacts, or they guarantee ease of sterilizing for tools and instruments in the medical sector. PMA offers more than 30 different flexible conduit types for a variety of cable protection applications (military, industrial, harsh environment and more).

Flexible conduit tubing sizes range from 4,5mm to 125mm diameters, from lightweight to heavyweight and pliable to highly flexible. Many flexible conduits are specially approved, e.g. CSA, UL Recognition, NFR, SNCF, DB etc.

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