Amphenol AIB/GT Series Connectors

Amphenol AIB / GT Series Connectors


The Amphenol AIB/GT series replaces the threaded coupling used in commercial SAE AS50151 connectors with a positive, quick-mating, three-point reverse bayonet lock for improved performance. These Amphenol AIB/GT Series connectors are an ideal cost-effective option for applications requiring reliability in harsh environments, and are the world-standard for rail, mass transit, and military ground vehicle applications. The Amphenol AIB/GT series has the same shell dimensions, contact layouts, contacts, and performance characteristics as the SAE AS50151 threaded connectors; however, the two series do not intermate. These connectors are sealed to withstand moisture, condensation, vibration and flash-over. Over 180 contact layouts are available, in variations that allow for just power, just signal, or a mix of both contact types. For our full product descriptions of the Amphenol AIB/GT series, please see the specifications below.

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