Anderson Power Products 4 Position Solar SPEC Pak® Connectors (15 To 40 Amps)

Anderson Power Products 4 Position Solar SPEC Pak

(15 TO 40 AMPS)

Anderson Power Products' Solar SPEC Pak® Connector Series uses rugged and environmentally sealed (IP68) shells to protect industry leading APP® Powerpole® contacts and housing. Customer-configured Solar SPEC Pak® are designed to meet the requirements of the photovoltaic industry to NEC 2008 requirements for 1,000 volt continuous capacity, first make/last break ground and a locking feature that require a tool to unlock. The adaptive SPEC Pak design lends itself towards use in other markets including wind power, fuel cells, mass transportation, off-road vehicles, agricultural equipment, oil and petro chemical exploration and more.

These SPEC Pak® connectors feature touch safe, color-coded housings and are available in a broad selection of wire gauges.