SPEC Pak® Sealed Connector Series

SPEC Pak® is a highly configurable, environmentally sealed family of connectors by Anderson Power Products made to withstand harsh environments. These rugged connectors have an IP68 shell that conforms to industry standards for flammability and weatherability. The core contact technology housed within the SPEC Pak® shell has been proven reliable for more than 50 years. These contacts accommodate wires from 24 – 3/0 AWG (0.25 to 85.0 mm²) and are capable of handling from 15 to 310 amps per contact at 600 volts (UL). Combining the power, signal and ground contacts with the wide array of colored touch safe Powerpole® housings provide engineers thousands of design options for the most demanding applications, including wind & solar power, marine fields, transportation, machine tools, and industrial automation.