Anderson Power Products Mid Power SPEC Pak® Connectors

Anderson Power Products Mid Power SPEC Pak


Like the other connectors in the SPEC Pak® family, the Mid Power SPEC Pak is rugged and environmentally sealed (IP68). The Mid Power SPEC Pak leverages APP’s core Powerpole® flat wiping contact technology, and has power handling capabilities up to 80 amps at 600 volts, AC or DC, with signal.

The environmentally sealed (IP68) shells also have a weatherability rating of F1, and flame resistance rating of V-0. The wire to wire, and wire to panel configurations feature a metal latch to prevent accidental un-mating. This highly configurable Mid Power SPEC Pak accepts up to 4 Powerpole housings, available in a wide array of colors providing color coding options for ease assembly. The Mid Power SPEC Pak is highly configurable providing users with a multitude of flexible design solutions in a single interconnect.