Cinch ModICE® SE & LE Enclosures

Cinch ModICE® SE & LE

Check out the ModICE® ME for all the protection of the SE & LE enclosures in a more compact board size.


The SE and LE sizes of Cinch Connectivity Solutions' Modular Integrated Connector Enclosures (ModICE®) line offer high quality sealed packaging solutions for electronic control module applications. The Cinch ModICE 1.5mm SHS System is the base interconnect technology for these enclosures. These Cinch ModICE enclosures are RoHS compliant, sealed to IP67 & IP69K and remain sealed even when the harness connectors are not mated. The Cinch ModICE line is operable at temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C, and is resistant to most industrial fluids. Both the SE and LE are offered with integrated heat shrink.

Board Size

  • SE 4.50 x 4.60"
  • LE 6.00 x 6.10"

Standard Features

  • Interfaces with Cinch SHS Harness Connector
  • SE Headers 18, 30 and 48 I/O
  • LE Headers 30, 48 and 60 I/O

Optional Features

  • Headers with integrated ferrite filtering
  • Vented enclosures (Breather vent)
  • Enclosures with integrated heat sink
  • Additional custom modifications available from PEI-Genesis

Material Specification Cinch ModICE®

  • Housing - Glass filled polymer
  • Pins - Brass - Post tin plated
  • Seals - Silicone elastomer
  • RoHS - Compliant

Learn more about how Cinch ModICE SE and LE enclosures are ideal for agricultural applications by checking out our blog post called: "Agricultural Equipment: Rugged Solution with Technical Innovation".