PEI-Genesis Offers Oval Contact System (OCS) Connectors from Amphenol Aerospace

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Philadelphia, PA (October 29, 2014) PEI-Genesis, Inc., one of the world’s fastest assemblers of precision connectors and power supplies, today announced it is now stocking Oval Contact System (OCS) Connectors from Amphenol Aerospace. As with all of its inventory, OCS Connectors are available to ship in 48-hours with no minimum order quantity required.

Amphenol OCS Connectors are the newest high-speed interconnects delivering data rates of up to 10 Gbps per pair. The Amphenol OCS series features improved signal integrity via reduced cross talk. OCS offers enhanced attenuation performance as compared to other industry-standard quadrax high-speed connectors.

Jared Sibrava, Director of Amphenol’s High Speed Division, explained, “I am very pleased to announce this partnership between Amphenol and PEI-Genesis. Oval Contact System, our next generation of high speed optimized product to support 10 Gbps signaling, is very attractive for embedded providers as interface speeds continue to increase. This product allows for the higher speeds while also providing the flexibility and integration that customers need. PEI-Genesis’ ability to deliver this product within a few days is tremendous given the decrease in time during customer development cycles.”

The Amphenol OCS is a rugged, high density connector, ideal for high-speed data transfer applications using protocols such as HDMI, 10G Base T, SATA 3.0, Serial RapidIO and more for military, commercial and industrial markets.

For detailed Amphenol OCS product specifications please visit: index.php?format=html&Itemid=2113&option=com_content&view=article&id=5386

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