Integrity – No single transaction could ever be important enough to bargain away our integrity. We reiterate that at every opportunity, everyone has the obligation to do the right thing – even if it costs the company money – because integrity is precious.

Innovation – Change is hard for everyone, but without embracing it, we can never be nimble enough to meet changing customer demands or stay ahead of our competitors. Not only do we embrace change, but we seek it out as we actively strive to create a collaborative culture where experimentation and innovation are encouraged.

We don’t tell ourselves stories. We believe that, “The facts will set you free.” It is far more important that we understand what is really happening than fool ourselves by playing with data, ignoring things we don’t like, or getting upset over what might be happening, but actually isn’t. Our competition is not “this firm” or “that firm,” but what we did yesterday and last week. We strive to be better every day.

This is the word you will hear most often in the hallways at PEI. The company is one whole organism, separateness is just an illusion. Our primary goal is not to succeed as “salespeople” or “production people,” but as “PEI people.” We are part of a larger whole that is pursuing a common vision, holding common values and cooperating with each other in an environment of mutual trust and respect. We want to win together with cooperative effort.

Every one of us wants to be happy and healthy; we all want to care for our families. We want to grow and be successful. We always try remember that the differences between people are mostly superficial. At our core, we are all far more alike than we are different. Respect is the bridge that allows us to connect with others so that we can achieve great things together.

We are here to serve, not dictate. This is a state of mind; a perspective. The only way to deliver good service is to place that recognition up front in our conversations and understand what excellence means to you.